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Character’s popularity has been the first sign of such.AI is an artificial intelligence experience that simulates dialogue with your favorite fictional, historical, or entirely imaginary characters. So, how does the website function and how do you begin making? This brief guide will cover all the bases for you.

What is Character ai?

Morality.AI is a website that reads vast volumes of text using a neural language model and uses that data to react to instructions. On the website, anyone can create a character; they can be made up or based on real persons, whether they are deceased or still alive. A cursory glance at the website reveals, for instance, that users have created personas for Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, and Napoleon Bonaparte. 

One character can converse with you at a time, or you can arrange for several characters to communicate with you and each other simultaneously in a group chat. Morality.While AI is free to use, there are paid features including priority access to chats, quicker character responses, and early access to new features that come with the package.

How do I chat with specific character?

Use Character.AI to look up a character’s name or the name of the media (movie, TV show, novel, etc.) that they are connected to. The most talked-about characters will typically be displayed at the top of the search results, which are based on your keywords and the best matches.

A window will popup when you click on the character you want to talk with. After the character introduces themselves, you can start chatting. To aid the language model in improving the accuracy of the character’s responses over time, you can rate the character’s response on a one to four scale when they reply to you.

You didn’t like the way the character answered your query? By selecting the arrow next to each respondent’s response, you can examine numerous replies. You are also encouraged by the website to give any response you find offensive a one-star rating.

Speech-to-text generation can be enabled in the chat by pressing the microphone button. This allows you to talk into the conversation and have your words sent over. Morality.Character makers can presently select a spoken voice for their character in the advanced options part of the creation process, but AI claims that text-to-speech on the character side—that is, the character would speak back to you—is still in the works.

Are character AI’s chatbots legal?

Morality.Even if every chat starts with the caveat, “Remember: Everything Characters say is made up!” AI celebrity chatbots are contentious. There is a contention that this disclaimer constitutes parody, which is legal in the United States according to the First Amendment of the Constitution.

However, it raises concerns about fair use when parody chatbots use material that public figures have made publicly available through speeches, interviews, or social media posts. Similarly, it can be questioned whether misrepresentation has occurred when chatbots generate interactions using actual information that has been taught through foundation training.

It’s crucial to remember that parody, fair use, and deception are complex legal topics. Many legal experts believe that as artificial intelligence (AI) technology advances and becomes more widely used, definitions of these terms will need to be modified to reflect the fact that deepfakes are becoming harder for regular people to recognize.

To prevent exploitation of the platform, Morality.The community keeps an eye on AI public chatbots, and human-in-the-loop (HiTL) moderators scan chatbot content on a regular basis to assess interactions for “potential negative impact.”

Character, to stay abreast on the latest developments in AI.AI has been improving its Terms of Service continuously. For instance, Character is covered under the most recent version of the contract.AI prohibits chatbot developers from uploading voice recordings of other people or impersonating real people using AI voice impersonations without their permission.

How do I create a character?

On the Character.AI homepage, click the “create” button and choose “create a character.” Along with a brief greeting that they’ll send at the beginning of each new discussion, you’ll provide the name of the character you’re creating.

 For instance, one Hermione Granger figure I spoke with began our conversation with the phrase “I am Hermione, with whom am I speaking?” and on to discuss her personality features, her status as a Hufflepuff student, and her favorite pastimes when she’s not studying.

Additionally, you may provide a picture of your character and indicate whether or not you want them to be able to create graphics in text messages. Lastly, choose who can communicate with your character: you, anyone with the link, or anybody else.

Advanced options can also be adjusted, such as selecting the speaking voice for your character from a lengthy drop-down menu and adding appropriate tags and keywords. To assist the model in comprehending the character’s behavior and characteristics, you can also participate in sample chats. Your character will change over time as a result of the model’s comprehension of your character’s traits, examination of conversation rating comments, and examination of chat themes.

Learn a New Language

Speaking with fictional characters or celebrities is only one aspect of character AI. It can help you become a better person. Learning a new language is an excellent illustration of this. It can be used, among other things, as a translator, to study German, Japanese, or French, to brush up on your English, and to increase your vocabulary.

Create a Character Room

Character AI goes beyond just talking to famous people or imaginary characters. It has the potential to improve you as a person. Picking up a new language is a great example of this. Among other things, you can use it to learn German, Japanese, or French, improve your vocabulary, and serve as a translator.

  • It’s really simple to start your own chat room if you’d like. To begin, click the “create” button and choose “create a room.”
  • After that, click Create it after giving your room a name, adding characters, and choosing a theme.

Chat with wide range of character

The capability of Character AI to engage with a diverse array of characters, such as extant and deceased historical individuals, as well as chatbots created by users with individual personalities, is one of its distinctive qualities. 

Users may have genuine discussions where it’s hard to know they’re speaking with a computer thanks to its sophisticated machine learning approach. Whether you’d like to talk to Elon Musk, George Washington, or a Pokemon, Character AI offers an intriguing viewpoint that other chatbots can’t match. AI-generated characters can have fascinating discussions with you to entertain, inspire, or broaden your understanding.

What should I keep in mind when using character ai?

AI should be handled with caution and an awareness that it is still developing. It’s possible for characters to utter nasty, false, or even hateful things. Furthermore, the characters were developed by people just like you and me, not by the authors or filmmakers of the works that brought them to life. It follows that even the most well-known characters might not stay true to the original text.

For instance, even though Hermione is renowned for being a Gryffindor, the most talked-about Hermione figure on the platform told me with confidence that she was a Hufflepuff. The character backed down when I confronted it about it. “I often get this reaction but I am most certainly in Hufflepuff,” it stated. “Hufflepuff and I both respect loyalty, dedication, and fairness.

 My goal is to succeed at Hogwarts and pursue my dreams, as I think this is a common characteristic among Hufflepuffs.” What characteristic isn’t Hufflepuff-specific? lying.


The software, which is presently in beta and constantly being improved, is made up of sophisticated deep learning and large language models. On November 5, 2022, conversation memory was doubled in size compared to its prior capacity so that the AI could “remember” messages from further back.

Character “personalities” are created by describing the character and its welcoming message from their point of view. They are then further shaped via discussions that are converted into examples, assigning stars to their messages, and modifying them to match the user’s desired accent and identity.

Users are able to assign a star rating to a character’s response, ranging from 1 to 4. Additionally, by selecting one of four or six buttons, users can provide justifications for why a particular number of stars was selected. While the rating primarily impacts the individual character, it also has an impact on the behavioral choices in general. Additionally, the user can swipe left or right to instruct the AI to develop a new response, and then utilize the left arrow to view the messages that were generated.

Benefits of Using character ai?

Character AI offers numerous special advantages. Above all, it’s a fantastic chance to converse with other personalities and gain diverse viewpoints. You can have a conversation with Taylor Swift, Edward Cullen from the best-selling Twilight series, or even Elon Musk.

As previously mentioned, these characters are more lifelike than other chatbots, making it feel as though you are speaking with a real person. Another advantage of this amazing AI is that you can create your own characters to interact with. All it takes is a few parameters to give your character a personality, an avatar (which can be generated by the software itself), and you’re good to go. 

Additionally, you can take Character AI with you wherever you go because of the new apps for iOS and Android.

Themes are another feature that distinguishes Character AI. There are almost twenty to choose from, including games, image-generating bots, movie and television actors, language learning, and assistants.

What are the limitations of Character AI?

Though it has limits, character AI is an amazing example of artificial intelligence. Because these characters are created by the community, incorrect results, sometimes known as hallucinations, are often produced.

 It’s crucial to take into account the characters’ backgrounds when you start conversing with them and to assume that the majority, if not all, of what they say is made up. The creation of images is another restriction. Although your characters can produce graphics, they are not in the same category as other AI art generators because their primary purpose when developed was as a text generator.

Strict filtering is also used, preventing access to any content deemed unfit for work (NSFW). This can be advantageous based on your intended purpose. Lastly, even though it is open source, you are unable to download it and make your own version locally due to the lack of an API.

Is Character AI Safe?

You may be wondering if it’s safe after reading about the kinds of talks you can have on such an amazing site. Character makers won’t be able to see your conversations, which is good to know. Having said that, the platform will log everything you say with the intention of using it to enhance the outcomes. 

In light of this, be very thoughtful about what you say and how you say it, particularly if privacy is an issue for you. Adding an additional degree of protection, you can make personas public or private.


As we’ve spoken about, Character AI offers a distinctive experience in which users may engage with a variety of personalities, develop their own characters, and even pick up new languages. All of this is made possible by LLM’s training, which makes Character AI sound more genuine. Character AI differs from similar AI chat programs like Jasper and ChatGPT in that it allows you to engage in stimulating dialogues with several chatbots at once.

It is reasonable to anticipate that Character AI will advance in tandem with AI technology. Keep an eye out for developers to improve their already incredible technology with improved image production and novel ways to integrate it into your everyday routine. Take some time to experiment with it and discover all of its capabilities in the meanwhile.

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